Electromech Design and Assembly

30 Years of Railway Innovation

Electromech Design and Assembly
13 Dartford Road
Tel: 0116 283 8883
Email: sales@electromechltd.co.uk

Who is Electromech?
  • Created in 1980
  • Privately owned Company, with a dedicated and experienced Management Team
  • 100% of the business is dedicated to providing products and services to the Rail Industry
  • All designs are carried out inline with relevant Group Standards and Railway requirements, rather than designing units that then need to be adapted.

What do Electromech do?
  • The following product cards are only supplied as examples of the type of products which have been designed. We employ 4 dedicated design engineers, 3 of which have Electronic Degrees, with a combined Electromech experience of 80 years.
  • There is a target on every design of no more than 5% new technology. This enables extremely quick solutions to be achieved on even the most complex designs.
  • Tractionising non-railway designed equipment to work reliably in the arduous railway environment.
  • Type Testing. We not only offer pre-compliance testing facilities for Surge/Tranients, Hot/Cold, Vibration and ESD testing, but also we can assist in achieving successful results by advising on your design.
  • Experts in Harness assembling, crimping, crimp tool calibration and Earth Bonders.
  • Dedicated Repair section, offering repairs to electronic equipment, but also there is an emphasis on continuous improvement of all parts, often offering modifications to improve the units reliability.

Selected Products and Services
  • Vigilance Equipment
  • Door Monitoring System
  • DRA (Drivers Reminder Appliance)
  • Intelligent Relays
  • Lighting Systems
  • Specialist Diesel Engine Control Systems
  • Temperature Controllers
  • Terminal Bars
  • De-Icer and Sandite Systems
  • Slow Speed Units
  • BVR (Battery Voltage Relays)
  • Auto Engine Start Control Units
  • Alternator Current Monitoring Unit